Traditional Foods for that Oh So Significant Time of Year

With Easter holidays upon us and fisherman from Cape Town gearing up to fish in time for the Easter rush one can’t imagine what an Easter holiday would be like without pickled fish be it Hake or Snoek there’s just no compromising when it comes to a portion of fish covered in juicy pickled onions! As significant as Fish has become to Easter there are as well many other dishes that one could sync with occasions all year round which brings me to the topic for my article this week…Traditional Foods for that Oh So Significant Time of Year 😛

Despite the many cultures, religions and race groups existent in Cape Town, there will always be that one special dish that some days just wouldn’t be the same without, whether it be Pickled Fish for Easter or Koeksisters on Sunday mornings, there is always the perfect ingredient/ meal to compliment our occasions. When looking at the different seasons , festivities and events on my calendar, I have summarized and matched each of them with the one food item I think would suit these moments best! You are more than welcome to add in on the comments section at the end of the article should you feel that I have overlooked a traditional food for any significant occasion.

So to start off the year we had our first public holiday on 01 Jan which to me calls for a Braai or a Potjie! Yaaay Braai Kos, my ultimate favorite 😀 Despite National Braai day September 24th, with it being new years day and people being in a chill mode recovering from the new years eve party, the best solution is to make a nice big fire, marinade some meats and sit back and watch it braai itself! Potjie kos on the other hand involves a bit more labor but even so one can still relax while having a Potjie on the fire, at least this one occasion calls for husband’s and boyfriends to be responsible for lunch/ supper, for once!

Lamb- potjiekos

Lamb- potjiekos

After our new years day Braai and Potjie we move up to Easter holiday for our share of fried or baked Snoek rested in vinegar pickled onions served with hot cross buns. On the eve of the Easter holiday one cannot help but crave into the aroma of people preparing this significant dish wherever you go and even though I do not celebrate Easter myself I always happen to have my fair serving of this traditional meal.

After recovering from the Easter fever we head into the Winter season where rain, wind and heavy clouds is the order of the day and keeping warm becomes a struggle Brrrr! With this said one immediately thinks of a hot bowl of creamy SOUP! Cream soup, Vegetable soup, Tomato soup any is welcome to top off a Winters day. Although it’s one time-consuming dish to prepare people never fail to do so after all what would cure the cold better than a hot mug of delicious soup?! I’m already excited for Winter this year 🙂

Chicken Cream Soup

Chicken Cream Soup…

As I’ve mentioned I do not necessarily celebrate Easter but what I do celebrate annually with all Love and excitement is the celebration of EID which exists in the muslim religion. With this occasion I cannot even begin to list all the dishes associated with the event from oven baked Pie for breakfast to Breyani and Butter Chicken for lunch the list is endless. However what stands out most for me on the EID menu is a thick, hot and spicy CURRY! Yummy. Often served with Roti or White Basmati Rice a good curry to me is always a winner and the fragrances given off from the blend of spices used to cook this dish leaves you “testing” the pot one too many times!

Roti & Curry...

Roti & Curry…

After the EID celebration all goes quiet with the traditional food fevers until Christmas season arrives. For this season I think all things “lekker” and luxurious goes. After all Christmas is the heart of the holidays and people can afford to eat just about anything they crave for. Christmas day for me however could be matched to a delicious TRIFLE dessert enjoyed by almost all households on this day and like with the EID celebration one can’t seem to list the many other traditional dishes the Christmas menu has on offer.

Apart from the significant year round festivities there are also day-to-day occasions that seeks that extra special dish to top it off like Chocolate cake on birthdays, Akhni at Muslim weddings and Take aways on Friday evenings because I mean really who cooks on a Friday night? After a long week of work, chores and endless responsibilities we all deserve to take the easy way out for supper. One last but certainly not least food tradition of all time is Chicken for SUNDAY LUNCH. Need I say more? Sunday lunch is not a lunch without some tasty fried, grilled or oven baked Chicken Breast, thighs or wings like only your mum has the secret to! it’s by far the one item you just can’t seem to get enough of!

Sunday Lunch...

Sunday Lunch…

That’s a wrap of my list of “traditional foods for that oh so significant time of year”. I hope you have enjoyed reading my article and thank you for taking out the time to do so. Happy Easter Holiday to all 🙂 foodyfaheema.