For the LOVE of Hello Kitty <3

A Hello Kitty “Hello”¬†to all! ūüėĬ†I am¬†hoping this post reaches you¬†in a Positive, Open Minded¬†and Cheerful mood. The topic for my article this week came about when¬†I spotted an exciting new¬†baking¬†product on the shelves and¬†decided to share it with you through my blog.¬†To those of you who do not know me personally, I¬†will have to¬†admit to my slight “obsession” with the cartoon character Hello Kitty¬†and to the rest, well¬†I am sure you have all witnessed it by now, big time. The famous character Hello Kitty¬†is well-known¬†by many for its Cuteness, Funk and¬†Girlish look and that’s exactly what it means to me, nothing more. If¬†this “look”¬†can come in the form of a cartoon why not??? From owning Hello Kitty¬†Underwear and Clothing, Bags and Accessories to Random Hello Kitty¬†items for my room, I must admit I do go a bit over board at times but guess what¬†I wouldn’t get rid of any of it, any time¬†soon! My favourite item of Hello Kitty¬†I owned was my 21st Birthday Cake ūüėõ which I had to get for myself, having to cut it up in the end was torture! at least¬†I could keep some pictures behind for memory. LOL¬†¬†¬†


So you are probably wondering why on earth am I reading about Hello Kitty on a FOOD blog??? Well thanks to an interesting new product from Snowflake I was able to combine the two. Baking and Hello Kitty. I spotted this product on the shelve a few weeks back and decided to try it out not only because I enjoy baking but simply because its Hello Kitty so I could not resist it!  This new product is a Hello Kitty Cup-Cake Mix with all its trimmings. The product gives you the convenience of making delicious pink cup cakes including your items needed for decoration. I think this is the complete package for a Hello Kitty/Cup Cake lover? Indeed. I then purchased the Mix and could not wait to see the end result. The complete product includes a Pink Cake Mix, Pink Icing Sugar, 12 Paper Cups, and Six edible Hello Kitty Stickers with Sprinkles for decoration. On the packaging itself you can also see the simple method of preparation for both the Cup Cakes and the Icing as well as the additional ingredients that needs to be added to it. The Method is as follows:

You will need:

For Premix

  • 1 Extra Large Egg¬†
  • 60ml Cooking Oil
  • 100ml Milk

For Butter Icing

  • 125g Soft Butter or Baking Margarine
  • 20ml Milk

Premix Method:

  1.  Preheat the oven to 180 degrees
  2. Place Premix into medium mixing bowl. Lightly beat milk, oil and egg and add to premix. Mix with whisk for about 1 minute until smooth.
  3. Place paper cups into muffin pan. Spoon equal quantities of the mixture into paper cups, two-thirds full and bake for 12-15 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.

Butter Icing Method:

  1. Place the soft butter or margarine into a mixing bowl and beat with an electric beater for 1 minute on high-speed until creamy.
  2. Add icing to butter/margarine and beat mixture on slow speed until mixture resembles bread crumbs.
  3. Add the milk and beat approximately two minutes on high-speed until creamy.
  4. Decorate cupcakes with butter icing, then add the edible icing decorations and sprinkles.   

Makes 12 Cup Cakes

Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Me in the kitchen – A few days prior to making use of the cake mix, a dear friend of mine Jane ¬†jumped ahead of me and tried the product out for herself after I had told her about it before.¬†Looks like¬†my love for Hello Kitty¬†is rubbing off on someone! ūüėĬ†Considering that she made the cup cakes, I decided to¬†do something¬†different and prepare¬†a round cake from the mixture¬†using¬†one baking tin instead. This was not a bad idea as I was actually pleased with my creativity. I also thought that it would be much more efficient¬†to decorate a big cake with the decorations at hand instead of twelve individual cupcakes, of course it is all up to you. Preparing the cake was as simple as it looks on the package. The end result for the base of my cake was very satisfying, it was firm yet spongy with a¬†bright pink colour and¬†a delicious “ice cream like” taste even before adding the icing. The icing¬†itself I prepared according to the instructions but found it to be a bit runny,¬†for this reason I was not able to “pipe” it neatly onto the cake, which I was looking forward to the most. To ensure you do not make the same mistake I suggest you use 100g¬†of butter at first and not 125g¬†as stipulated in the method.¬† Anyway, at least it was still edible!

Cake Base

Base of the Cake

Cup Cakes

Janes’s Cupcakes

Final Product

My End Product

To prove just how “edible” Hello Kitty¬†can be I have included¬†a list of¬†other food items for interest sake which I came across online. I must say even I was surprised to see just how far¬†manufacturers would go to making creative food stuffs for their customers! Afterall, Who says food and Hello Kitty had no match?!

Burgers and Fries anybody?

Burger and Fries anybody?


Hello Kitty Icing Doughnuts

Boiled Egg has never looked this good before ūüėõ


I’m sorry but I don’t eat SUSHI even if its Hello Kitty!


Is this PASTA im seeing? Yes it is!


At least here is something to try at home?


Pop! your toast is ready!

My 21st Cake 1

My 21st Birthday Cake ūüėõ

Hope you have enjoyed my post. I’ll leave you with the Liquorice Allsorts¬† slogan: “Play with your food, thats in order!” ūüėõ