When going solo shopping recently I came across an exciting new product that I couldn’t wait to share with you this week. Read up foody people, here comes a bonus!

Upon sitting down for a full course meal, the word “dessert” never really fancies my tastebuds. Its either too expensive or complicated to make or is simply too rich in taste for my liking. However, when spotting this product on the shelve and reading how simple it is to prepare, I decided to try it out and see how it comes to the table. And to the tummy! 😛 For a quick promo, this new dessert is called Chocolate Velvet Dessert and is a product from the brand First Choice , sold at Pick n pay stores only. The dessert is available in a Vanilla flavour as well but I think its the “Chocolate” in the name that made me weak! The main feature of this unique product is its versatility and ease. From just 1 single litre you are able to Whip it, Shake it, Mousse it or Freeze it!This means you can either prepare a pudding, a milkshake, a mousse or your very own ice cream! Making it an awesome foursome!

I was rather indecisive when choosing which I will prepare and decided to do half ice cream, half pudding. If you are more experimental unlike me, you can even prepare all four of these exciting forms using the same basic content. The choice is yours. So you are probably wondering when is the “recipe” coming right? Well, there is NO recipe! You simply chill the product in its carton before whipping it to a thick consistency. From here you can decide whether you want to freeze the mixture over night and enjoy an ice cream, refrigerate it for 2 hours and get a smooth pudding, add fresh milk to the whipped mixture and stir for a milkshake OR for a mousse, add 20 ml dissolved gelatine to the mixture and allow it to set for 4 hours and… Vwolaaaaah! You’ll own the dessert table.

At first the sound of “instant” ice cream didn seem too apetising for me either, infact I thought the whole product was just too good to be true until I prepared it myself. I loved it an so did my family and we finished it in no time, guilt free. This product is definitely proof that dessert need not be any hassle. Now that I’m aware of this deliciously convenient item I will certainly not hesitate to prepare a dessert in future. I am looking even more forward to tasting the vanilla one as well! So, the next time you feel like spoiling yourself without all that extra cost and effort, try out this new product as I’m guaranteed you will LOVE it! To spice it up I attached a few pictures below of the final product I prepared at home so I’m hoping it apetises you enough to go out and get it! Remember, the proof is in the pudding!

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Ice Cream Scoop

Ice Cream Scoop

Pudding portions

Pudding portions

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